Safe travels!

Arrival by plane

Many airlines fly non-stop to Las Vegas — sometimes at very reasonable prices. If you cannot use special rates through your company, we recommend a minute-by-minute comparison of all flight offers on portals such as:

Please observe the US-ESTA/Visa-entry regulations. More information here.

Directions from Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) is just 4.1 miles (6.6 kilometers) from Caesars Palace. The transfer is very easy. Depending on the means of transportation and the traffic situation, you can reach the hotel in 15 to 45 minutes.


Group shuttles

These minibuses depart every 10 minutes. The bus stops are easy to see at the terminals. Buy a ticket to a "Strip hotel" (this means nothing other than the hotels along the Las Vegas Strip) and get off at the Caesars Palace stop. The one-way ticket is available from USD 7.50 per person. Operator companies are, for example, SuperShuttle, Bell Trans and ODS.



A taxi from the airport to Caesars Palace costs about USD 20.00 and is cheaper than the shuttle service if you share the journey with two or three passengers. Please note: In Las Vegas, taxis are only allowed to pick up passengers at designated taxi stands. You cannot flag down a taxi on the street.



The bus trip from the airport to Caesars Palace is long (up to 1 hour), involves changing buses, and the bus stop is not directly in front of the hotel. We, therefore, recommend that you choose another method of transportation to the hotel. However, if you absolutely must take a bus: Depending on the time of day, different lines are recommended. Go to the RTC (Las Vegas Public Transport) website and enter your departure and arrival points under "Plan your trip." You will receive a current bus line recommendation via Google Maps.